Born and raised outside of Washington, D.C., Jordan grew up an overachieving nerd with a passion for reading aloud, performance and her self-produced radio program about breakfast foods and Bette Midler, which she recorded religiously on a Fisher Price tape player. At the age of twenty, whilst getting degrees in Theatre Performance and English Language and Literature at the University of Maryland, Jordan volunteered as a schoolteacher in Ghana, where she met some British guy...the resulting crisis being a move to England, a marriage and a near-decade of teaching in the British education system. The birth of Jordan’s son inspired her to return to her roots as a screen actress, audiobook narrator and all-American voiceover artist. Now working out of both the UK and US and best known as the voice of Androma for the New York Times bestselling The Androma Saga trilogy (HarperCollins Publishers), Jordan is proudly “bicultural” - bi·cul·tur·alˌ bīˈkəlCH(ə)rəl :  standing out everywhere.